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Liquid Deodorant


Big D® Water Soluble Deodorant - Qt., Sunburst

Concentrated, easy to use and effective. Safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, biodegradable. USDA approved. The most versatile and economical deodorant in the marketplace, containing true odor counteractants, not masking agents. May also be used in trigger sprayers, extractors, mop water.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #672

Brulin® #0 Spring Fresh Smoke & Odor - 64 oz., SCS2

A multi-purpose smoke & odor remover for use anywhere there is an odor problem. It acts rapidly to eliminate odors, & leaves a fresh, springtime fragrance. Use with SCS2 dispenser. 4 per case closed containers.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #192000-33