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Bowl Cleaners


Kellco Cherri-O Mild Low-Acid Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

A safe, easy to use product with high detergent content. Sudsing action cleans effectively while powerful fragrance deodorizes. Non-fuming, pleasant to use. Non-poisonous. Red in color with a pleasant cherry scent.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #RR8131

Kellco Cling Non Acid Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

A truly thick, rich formula that is power-packed with detergents and clings to vertical surfaces. Long lasting, floral fragrance. Blue in color. EPA registered. Safe for metals, plastic, fiberglass.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #RR8130

Kellco Kling Color Change Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

Now effective against Hepatitis A! Low acid, high detergent, disinfectant bowl and porcelain cleaner. Green-to-blue color change indicator. Non-poisonous, mild formula. Delightful cherry scent.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #RR8140

Brulin® TerraGreen Kick Plus® Bowl & Urinal Cleaner

Green Seal™ certified. Removes hard water scale. Safer than HCI or Phos Acid cleaners. Deactivated acid. Activates on contact with soil. Safer scale remover, health rating of 1 in use. Removes hard water scale, rust and soap scum. Low odor, no harsh acid fumes. 32 oz., 12 per case.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #201038-20

Stearns® Water Flakes® Bowl Cleaner - 0.5 wt oz.

Breaks down lime scale and urinary salts with high foaming action. Professional strength, non-acid daily cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. NSF Category Code C2.  2/90/cs
Manufacturers Item #792