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Kellco Radiance Hi Solids Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

Kellco Radiance Hi Solids Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

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Kellco Extractor Carpet Shampoo - Gal.

A powerful, concentrated, economical cleaner. Contains a blend of detergents, solvents and alkalies. Fast breaking foam product. Solids 6.6%. Clear thin green liquid, mild banana odor. pH 12.9; Active cleaning ingredients 10%.

Manufacturers Item #CC1950

Kellco Lemon Furniture Polish - 19 oz. Net Wt.

A rich blend of silicones, cleaners and lemon oil that cleans and polishes a wide variety of surfaces leaving behind a pleasant lemon fragrance. Leaves a hard, dust-free shine that lasts. 20 oz can, 19 oz net wt.

Manufacturers Item #AE1080

Kellco Pink Pearl - Gal.

Contains Aloe Vera, a blend of surfactants, natural emollients and humectants. This combination quickly penetrates and removes dirt, grease and soil. Leaves your hands feeling soft and silky.

Manufacturers Item #HC2530

Kellco Foam Eliminator - Gal.

Works both as a defoamer as well as an anti-foam, reducing problems which may cause inefficiency in cleaning procedures.

Manufacturers Item #CC2000

Kellco Ultimate Speed Stripper - 5 Gal.

For professional use only. A 55% active speed stripper that easily cuts through multi-layers of burnished floor finish.

Manufacturers Item #FC6935-5

Boraxo® Original Heavy Duty Powdered Hand Soap - 5 lb.

The original powdered hand soap, and still the industry leader. Dual action combines the scrubbing power of borax with the cleaning power of soap. Easily dissolve grease and dirt when washing with water. 100% soluble and safe in septic systems.

Manufacturers Item #02203

NCL® Extreme Plus™ Encapsulating Carpet Spot Remover

Exceptional ready-to-use carpet spot cleaner designed for safely maintaining all stain resistant carpets and other types of carpeting. Incorporates our exclusive EPT™ encapsulation technology to surround and encapsulate soils, then it dries to a non-sticky powder. Soil and residue vacuum out easily. Formulated to provide removal of a wide range of oil and water based spots and stains including foods, petroleum, ink, grease, blood, urine and other types of spots.

Manufacturers Item #0675Q

Inopak Inoderm Clearly Green Foam Soap - 1000 mL

Environmentally safe and effective. No perfume. No dyes. Formaldehyde and paraben free. Eco friendly hand soap. Green Seal™ Certified. Soft on the environment, soft on the skin.

Manufacturers Item #5080-FL1000

Aluf T-Series Liner - 24 x 32, 0.8 mil, Black

Provides leak proof star seals and convenient packaging. These individually folded bags are black opaque and made from Aluf's specially blended, recycled film. With great performance for tough jobs, they are packed in white easy-to-use dispenser boxes. Environmentally friendly. Made from blended recycled plastic.

Manufacturers Item #A-T2432H