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Ice Melter


Creative Winter Rinse Salt Neutralizer - Gal.

Neutralizes corrosive film left by ice melt chemicals.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #C-16-4G

Kissner Mr. Magic® Premium Ice Melt - 50 lb.

A proprietary formulation designed for fast-acting and long-lasting results. Formulated to be seen when used. Safety orange coating assures visible, complete coverage. Works faster and down to -10°. Smaller quantity is needed to remove snow and ice.  ea
Manufacturers Item #8511075

Kissner Simple & Safe® Ice Melter - 50 lb.

Environmentally formulated ice melter. Safer for plants and animals, when used as directed. Colored orange for consistent visual distribution. Contains sodium chloride, calcium chloride. Also contains potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. 100% natural.  ea
Manufacturers Item #8359875