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Loop Mop Heads


Ha-Ste General Loop Synthetic Specialty Mops

The perfect upgrade from a traditional cut end wet mop. The General Loop is our most economical looped end wet mop. 4-ply synthetic blend yarn requires no break-in period and keeps mops looking new. Fast absorbing and mildew resistant. Recommended for general cleaning areas such as food service, schools, hotels, and supermarkets. Commercial laundering not recommended.
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Ha-Ste MicroKleen Antimicrobial Loop Mops

MicroKleen Protection is built in during yarn production, not washed in like many others. MicroKleen Protection is safe, non-hazardous, and EPA registered and guaranteed by independent laboratory certification. MicroKleen Protection remains active for up to 100 launderings. "Self Deodorizing" properties preserve the hygienic freshness and extend the mopping tool's useful service life. 5" wide vinyl-coated mesh headband.
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